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Innovative beauty

for people of color

At DIBA BY DIBAWSSETTE, our mission has been to deliver innovative, affordable and customized cosmetics to people of colour, since we opened in 2018.
Our goal is to help people of colour find beauty products that match their colour, type, shape perfectly while solving a REAL painpoint (skin issues, product limitations,skills limitations etc).

Our Promise To You

We love our customers and go above and beyond to provide a superior shopping experience for our customers.
We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

Our Story

For at least 10 years, my skin had been a melting pot of cystic acne, dark scars, textured skin, enlarged pores and oil. I struggled so much with my skin that makeup would not help. It wasn't until I switched my skincare to K-Beauty and found an excellent doctor to help me treat my acne, that I finally started seeing my skin smooth out and acne completely go. I was so happy, oh I was happy. It was the type of happiness that filled you up with exuberance, confidence and self love...

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Dibawssette / Founder
Simultaneously, my social media presence was growing and I got asked repetitively "What's the best foundation for dark skin that fit my skin color and won't break me out?". Every brand back then had either the right shade range but the formula would break you out or the appropriate formula but not your right shade. I kept giving customized recommendations until my first trip to South-Korea where I discovered cushion foundations...

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Dibawssette / Founder
Cushions foundations are not only compact, smooth and skin-like foundations but they are also a skincare staple that lasts all day. I was excited and searched thoroughly but, to my desmise, there was no cushion foundation shade darker than "Beige". BOOM! Something clicked! If I could mix the science of K-beauty and cushion foundations with my experience as a makeup artist and black woman, I would be able to create the first line of cushion foundations for woman of color! So I did!

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Dibawssette / Founder
DIBA's first product, the QUEENDOM cushion foundation, was born. My desire to help women of color find an affordable foundation that matches perfectly their skin type and color, cover enough to feel like a second skin while nourishing the skin with ingredients that help with moisture, oil control and hyper pigmentation was the perfect combo. The QUEENDOM cushion foundation was launched as a hybrid makeup and skincare, with initially 9 shades and ingredients such as Vitamin E+C, Jojoba Oil and Quinoa Extracts.

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Dibawssette / Founder
Who is DIBA as a beauty brand? DIBA is close to its African roots, inspired from asian beauty, pays extra care to exclude unsafe ingredients, does not test on animals and operates in clean and safe factories. DIBA delivers woc-friendly innovative beauty products that solve your needs and painpoints. DIBA is me, DIBA is you, DIBA is all the women of colour that have been struggling with slim-pickings in cosmetics so far.

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DIbawssette / Founder
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