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Top 10 Reasons Why Cushion Foundations Are Growing In Popularity

If you are a fan of K-Beauty you would know that the origin of cushion foundation is the Korean beauty market. Just a few years back, cushion foundations had no presence outside of Korea and people hardly knew or heard about them. Today, the cushion foundations have marked their presence all over the world and are a huge success.

For those who are still new to the cushion foundations, let's start by knowing what actually are cushion foundations? Also, let's talk about the benefits they have to offer. A cushion foundation is basically a liquid foundation that is placed inside a sponge-like cushion available in a compact. The compact also holds a sponge-like puff/pad applicator. To use, one has to simply press the applicator on the foundation sponge that dispenses the right amount of foundation on the puff.

Why are cushion foundations trending? What is it so special about them that they are grabbing worldwide attention and are said to be revolutionizing the beauty industry? What makes it craved for when compared to others? Are these questions budding in your mind? Well, that's quite natural when a product gets such tremendous fame in such a short span of time. Here are the top reasons that make them so special and popular. 

The ultimate dream of most of the women is to get that flawless, radiant looking skin with makeup which makes people around feel that you are in your natural skin

1. It’s not just a foundation:

Cushion foundations are hybrid products that contain a mix of beneficial make-up and skincare formula. A higher SPF than the counterparts, maximum hydration, anti-aging fall under the skincare part which cushion foundations offer. The former part is a foundation that provides lightweight, full coverage, radiance, etc. The wide range of cushion foundations available in the market by a variety of brands has something or the other to offer. Some may offer the goodness of vitamins, oil extracts, seed extracts, etc while others about the chemical-free composition like no sulfates, parabens, etc. Altogether, we can say its more than just a foundation.


2. No make-up, make-up look:

The ultimate dream of most of the women is to get that flawless, radiant looking skin with makeup which makes people around feel that you are in your natural skin. Cushion foundations do exactly the same. You can replace most of your products with just one cushion foundation that matches your shade. This saves both time and money, moreover, you can say good-bye to cakey looking, overly done and creases appearing on the skin with the use of a mix of products.


3. Easy application:

The other reason that makes the cushion foundations so popular is that the application is easy and effortless. You just have to use the sponge applicator and press the cushion to get just the right amount of the foundation on the puff, dab it on the face and you are done. You don’t have to be a make-up pro to apply this foundation. Even newbies to foundation application can use this product perfectly.


4. Spill-proof:

By now you already know that the cushion foundations are available in compacts. This packaging of the liquid foundation in a compact makes it spill-proof as compared to the regular foundation which comes either filled in glass bottles or tubes making them prone to spillage.


5. Travel-friendly:

As the cushion foundations come in compacts, it makes them easy to carry. You don’t have to carry brushes, a mirror, other supporting products which you have to usually carry for a traditional foundation. The compact houses a puff and a mirror making it travel-friendly. You don't have to carry a big tote bag that doesn't suit your attire just to stuff all the products. Pick up your favorite clutch, drop the compact and you are all set.


6. You are in charge of the coverage:

With the cushion foundations, you can take charge of the coverage all by yourself. Applying the foundation is no more a messy and time-consuming affair. You don’t have to squeeze the foundation on your palm or brush, mix two or three together for the perfect shade, mix more if you are running short or vice-versa, etc. If you are having a good skin day, all you have to do is, get the formula on the puff, apply a layer of the foundation and you are done. If you are looking for more coverage, then add more layers until you get the desired result for the coverage.


7. Touch-up on the go:

This is one such reason that attracts many women to go for a cushion foundation. It is a go-to product for, the working women who cannot afford to spend hours in front of the mirror early in the morning or women having back to back schedules and want to get that perfect looking skin in a very short time or women who are very conscious about the looks, etc are few cases. In short, it's for all of them who don’t like to spend much time on makeup and are always on the go but still crave for the flawless skin.


8. Available in a variety of shades to choose from:

With the growing popularity of the cushion foundations many brands are making efforts to come up with a lot of shade variants. The market has a wide range of shades to offer its customers. Shades that serves every skin tone. You just have to choose the one that matches your skin tone and you are all set.


9. Hygienic applicators:

Many of you may worry about the bacterial activity on the applicator that goes to and fro between the skin and the foundation sponge. The applicators that come with the compact are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial keeping your worry at bay. Still worried, you can always wash the puff with mild soap and lukewarm water.


10. Refills:

Cushion foundations also provide you the flexibility of refills. Saving you the money that you would spend for the compact that you already have. Also, helps cut down the packaging waste making it environment-friendly. The growing popularity of cushions in the beauty industry is such that, what started with the cushion foundation extended to BB and CC cushion creams and now spreading to lip products, bronzers, blushes, etc. If you have not started your cushion journey, it’s high time to be with the trend and get the benefits of this amazing product. Do have a look at the cushion foundation shades to get your first one. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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